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  • 10 Steps to Hair Rebonding


    1. Prepare your hair for rebonding!

    The first step of rebonding is to wash your hair (Only shampoo) before going to the salon. Washing your hair using a mild shampoo and rinse with cold water (DO NOT use conditioner before rebonding!). Ah-glow makes a pre-treatment shampoo specifically for this or find a good salt-free/sulfate-free one. You don’t need much, but definitely helps with the final results.

    Tip: Do not use very hot water when washing the hair as it can affect the texture. Once washed, you can blow dry on medium heat (remember shampoo-only, no conditioner)! The salon should make sure the hair is clean and non-oily prior to the rebonding process.


    2. Apply Hair straightening cream and treatments

    The hair straightening cream is a hair relaxant that is an important step in hair rebonding process. This cream is provided in the small ah-glow rebonding set or XL hair rebonding kit. This breaks the disulfide bonds of the hair to allow reconfiguration into a straight shape. You can also utilize other ah-glow treatments based on the condition of the hair. We recommend using Sealplex No.1 Bond Repair (at least 10ml should be added to the straightening cream) for best results, especially if the hair is bleached, colored or damaged. The Bond Repair treatment will strengthen the hair and help prevent any further damage during the straightening process. Section hair and make sure all the hair is coated with the straightening cream, then wrap in Saran Wrap with the hair straight down. Do not roll the hair, tie it up or give it any shape other than straight down during this part of the rebonding process.


    3. Relax - treatment setting time

    Literally, as the hair straightening cream (preferably with Sealplex No. 1) needs to be left on the hair for 20-45 minutes, depending on hair type. Thin, bleached or damaged hair should have the hair straightening cream applied no longer than 30 minutes. Coarse, thick hair might need the full 45 minutes. Information on a knot test is provided with our products that tells you if the development time is enough.


    4. Rinse hair thoroughly

    Rinse hair thoroughly (do not wash) to remove hair straightening cream and any treatments. Towel dry (you could also blow dry the hair on cool setting if you like.) Apply Keratin Hair PROTEK to protect the hair during the ironing.


    5. Hair straightening iron

    Section hair into 5 parts and begin ironing the hair using a good quality hair iron; PROTEK will protect the hair during ironing so we highly recommend this product. Make sure the roots are dry to avoid burning the scalp when ironing! The whole straightening process can take hours depending on the thickness and length, so a good hair iron is imperative! Ironing each length of hair 3 times slowly is part of this process. When the ironing is finished, the hair will be straight, soft and silky. To keep it permanent, the hair has to be neutralized.


    6. Apply Neutralizer Cream

    The Neutralizer Cream is also included in the Ahglow rebonding sets. Section hair and apply the cream to rebond (or reconnect the bonds of the hair) to maintain the straightness. Leave the neutralizer cream on for 15 to 20 minutes.


    The small 165 gram set should be enough for one head of hair (and possibly a regrowth touch-up if the length is short). For those rebonding long, thick hair or a number clients, there is the XL hair rebonding kit (480 grams of relaxer and 480 grams of neutralizer). We also sell cases of Small Ah glow Sets and cases of XL Size Rebonding sets.


    7. Rinse hair thoroughly again, do not wash

    Rinse the hair thoroughly again to remove all the neutralizer cream. The water should run clear. Do not wash with shampoo which can affect the straightening treatment. Squeeze off extra water and blow dry on cool setting. Apply PROTEK again to protect hair for final ironing and comb down. Section hair without clipping.


    8. Final ironing

    This is the final ironing for the hair rebonding process. Iron quickly for the final touch-up, once again making sure scalp is completely dry to avoid burning the scalp. The total time for hair rebonding is a long process. Even short, thin hair can take around 2 hours and very long, thick hair 4-5 hours! Even with the rebonding creams, treatments and ironing, the client can undo the results by washing their hair too soon. That will remove the final treatment that rebonds the hair to permanently straighten.


    (Regrowth will need to be touched up to keep the full length of the hair straightened, we recommend around every 6 months or so.)



    The hair must remain dry for 48 hours!!! We tell the customers they should not wash their hair for three days. That is probably the most difficult part of hair rebonding for many clients, but absolutely necessary to complete the rebonding and hair straightening process!

    • If the hair gets wet within 2-3 days the curls can come back.
    • Do not put clips, headband, put behind your ears or tie the hair up during this curing time. When the hair bonds completely reconnect, they can stay in that straight shape! This includes hats, putting in ponytail, wearing glasses on top of your head or anything that would result in the hair not remaining straight for the initial 3 days after rebonding!
    • Do not use styling products until after 3 days. We recommend Sealplex No.2 to maintain your hair after rebonding.
    • If the rebonding needs to be repeated for some reason, wait 7 days
    • Do not color, bleach or highlight the hair until 10 days after rebonding and we recommend using Sealplex No.2 if you do.


    10. Bond builder hair maintenance

    You can use Keratin Hair PROTEK along with Sealplex No.2 Bond Builder for hair maintenance beginning 3 days after the initial straightening; apply right after the hair is washed. These products can be used on a weekly basis to better maintain your rebonded hair. Enjoy and check out our Salon Specials or contact us for Preferred Salon Status.


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    Small Rebonding Kit

    Includes Hair Straightening and Neutralizing Cream in single use size pouches.

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    Sealplex No. 1

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    Hair PROTEK

    With Keratin! Great to protect hair during the ironing phase of the rebonding process.

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    XL size Rebonding Kit

    Great for salons or those rebonding multiple people's hair.


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